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thoughts & opinions wanted
« on: September 30, 2023, 09:04:59 PM »
I've been collecting the components for a while for a putting together a light weight street bike based on a Suzuki DR650.  I've got most of what I need, now just need to decide on a direction.

Since the DR650 is a bike with good bones, it seems like an easy enough project, with the hardest part being improving the looks of the DR650.  Different gas tank, sub-frame, seat, etc.  Looks of course, are subjective.

The internet is loaded with lots of custom DR650 based street bikes.  Quite a few are good looking bikes IMO. 

I recently bought a DR650 that has been rode hard and put away wet and does not have a title.  It is good sacrificial Ox material.

If I can get a title for this bike, I will probably put a V-Strom 650 front end on it and proceed with some mods, different wheels, etc.

The other thought is putting the DR650 engine in an MZ660 chasis.  Advantages would be the simplification of air cooling, single carb, and elimination of the MZ oil tank.  I likes the looks of the MZ Skorpion bikes.

I have lots of options such as CBR250 wheels, SV650 wheels, Ninja400 wheels, and possibly swapping the swingarm for an aluminum swingarm from a DR650, SV650, or Ninja400.

Still in the noodling phase.  I should get started in a couple months.

As a favorite teacher used to say after presenting material:  "comments, questions, criticisms, doubts, wise ass comments?"

I welcome one and all.  Thanks in advance.
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