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V7 Classic with Lario heads

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Well, I've already modified my V7C quite a bit from the stock setup.  Some of the mods include a LeMans metal tankwith external fuel pump, filter, and regulator. K&N pod filters, Norton peashooter exhaust, Stucchi fairing, stainless steel fenders, and a Power Commander V with Autotune and a ECU flash by Todd at Guzzitech.  This bike runs great, but I'm always wanting to mess with something else, so i've decided to fit some four valve heads an see how it runs with a modern fuel injection setup.  The main reason for my post is a request for information.  I have read a lot about the Larioo heads, and the different valve/spring/cap/ and shim that people have used.  I would like to use the updated Moto Guzzi valves, which i have the part number for, but I dont know which springs would work best.  Just looking for input from those on the board who have experience with the Lario heads.  Thanks in advance!

Chuck in Indiana:
According to Iceblue.. the Nevada valve springs are the hot setup. There are some kind of progressive springs on my Lario heads, I'm going with them.

Why in the world didn't Guzzi develop a new set of 4-valve heads for the V7 series when they did this latest upgrade?  Oh, we've already been through all of that ....

It will be fascinating to watch your latest project develop.

I stopped in at a fellow Italian Motorcycle Club member's house two weeks ago. He has a lovely V35 Imola that is currently fitted with a V50 motor. On the bench was a beautifully restored V65 Lario motor that is destined for the Imola! He is running Suzuki GN250 valves & springs.


Yes, found some heads listed at Teo Lamers, got them ordered, should be here after Christmas.  Man Carl, it's so cool you got a Racer!  What a bike!


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