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New tires become suspension rebuild+...(Monza) FAC update!

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The Monza tires were very slippery in the wet.  Dot markings indicated 20 years old  :o   Ordered new Road Riders.

New tires means removing the wheels, and wheels were looking a little shabby, so took them to the powder coater.  Made an executive decision to eliminate the black.  They will be all silver like the LMIII (and the cooking V50).  Color is called "Silverstone".

The forks were leaking a bit of fork oil and seemed to lack some rebound damping so better rebuild those.  I've rebuilt girders and mtn bike forks - how hard can this be?   :BEER:  Pulled the fairing and loosened everything up:

Darn fork tubes were stuck in the triple clamps so used a rubber hammer to drive them out and got a little careless:  (ugh! this is the type of thing I hate doing and it's the second time on this bike  :'( )

Removed the instrument panel so I don't bash the speedo too:

Actually a good trick is to just put the axle through the lower fork leg and use the rubber mallet on the axle.  If only I'd thought of it earlier...

edit 3/29/2015
 :+=copcar  Stop!!!  A better method was just posted by JRT on another topic.  Take the pinch bolts out of the lower yoke and thread them in from the back then drop a washer or thin plate into the slot in the yoke and tighten the bolt against it.  It will spread the slot and loosen the clamp on the stanchions.  Nicer than either a wedge or a hammer.


 Ahh , the famous 30 minute repair job  :D


Ordered seals, dust seals and FAC dampers from MotoInternational.   ;-T

To pull the fork lowers off the stanchions a hex bolt has to be removed from the bottom of the lowers.  It's accessible after the axle pinch bolt is removed.

Then the cartridge and spring assembly can be unscrewed from the stanchions.

Then the snapring at the bottom of the spring becomes accessible so that the spring can be removed from the cartridge assembly:

There is a little plastic spacer between the cartridge and the top of the spring:  

Seals arrived from MotoInt, chrome on the stanchions looks good, just waiting on the FAC dampers.


--- Quote from: oldbike54 on March 25, 2015, 10:49:02 PM --- Ahh , the famous 30 minute repair job  :D


--- End quote ---

Yes, there a bit of mission creep going on. 

While waiting for the powder coater and the dampers, I check out the speedo drive.  Reportedly the small block speedo drives are very fragile and have a tendency to seize and break the drive tang off which renders them useless.

The brass receptacle for the speedo cable had slipped a cm or so out of the housing so I just pulled on it and the worm gear came out with it.
There was a retainer ring on the back so pulled it too to release the drive tang.  Haven't figured out how to pull the rest of it apart, but may not need to.  Will clean it and pack it with grease and hopefully it will last another 34 years.

Also had time to go to the friendly glass cutter and they cut a new lens for the tach:  (the rim is only a little bashed  :-[)


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