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v7 sport "fence post" rebuild

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     I started taking the Idaho fence post v7 sport apart to rebuild it a few weeks ago, but haven't been able to do much in the lead up to Christmas.  All in all, it is coming apart pretty well. There are insect nests and/or sand packed into almost any place where there is a space - like between the tail light assembly and the rear fender for example. It is pretty interesting to see how that stuff can get packed in there.
     I  have a little time to work on it this week and am trying to pull the exhaust and top end off the engine.  The left exhaust header nut WILL NOT come loose. The flange that the wrench hooks onto is even starting to break apart, but the threads will not budge in the head. The old farm equipment mechanic in me wants to  heat up the head in the threaded area with a torch to try to unscrew it, but it makes me a little nervous doing that to the alloy head. An Italian motorcycle engine seems a little more delicate than a rusted up hay baler!
     Any other suggestions for loosening that nut? Does the torch idea seem like it wouldn't be too brutal? It has been soaking in Moov-it for almost a month now, but still no movement.

Si Abeid
Kettle Falls, WA

Hymes Inc.:
I'd heat it up.

Tom H:
I believe it has the large nut that goes around the header and has slots for a hook style spanner.

Heat it and tap it with a hammer inward towards the head. Might also try tightening it, sometimes that will "start" to break it loose.

If all fails, a large pipe wrench should do it, but then you would probably need a new nut. They are available as well as the head can be re-threaded.


Triple Jim:
Often a few whacks with a hammer can help shock loose corrosion.  I wouldn't heat the aluminum part you're trying to turn, since that will make it bigger.  That is if it's a male threaded thing that screws into a female threaded part of the head, which I think it is.

chuck peterson:
Do you need new cylinders? If yes, then why bother?


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