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1976 T3 to Le Mans Replica mini build

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Northern Bill:
A few people have asked for a bit of a build thread.  I have kept track of my costs, and considering the price of a real Le Mans these days (see the one of ebay right now !!), this might prove interesting to some. Because I am not very mechanically inclined I bought a very nice T3 on Feb 25 for $5000 Cdn. Over the following month I sold many of the parts on ebay for a total of $981 so my starting price was $4019 Cdn. I had already bought a steel tank from India so this upped my price by $440 to $4459.

The following is a list of the purchases I made.  Some of the prices may seem high but shipping to Canada and taxes really put the prices up on some things.

Feb 25      rough seat from ebay   96           4555
Feb 27      clip ons   ebay         27           4582
Feb 27      headlight ears ebay      10           4592
Feb 28      MG cycle                 2006   6598
      -side covers/badges/rearsets
      -front fender/tank badges
Mar 1      seat base ebay                100   6698
Mar 12      Stainless fasteners (local)   25   6723
Mar 14       taillight ebay                 85   6808   
Mar 20      Paint and Clearcoat             95   6903
Mar 24      Tape and Pinstripe             20   6923   

Once I had all the parts I made a rear hinge for the seat and brackets to fit the CX 100 fender.  Before putting the parts on I painted them using Duplicolor red and black, and Spray Max two part clear coat. This only took a couple of days but the results reflect that. I used black heat paint to cover the headers. Yesterday, April 7th, I made some final adjustments and now the Replica is just waiting for insurance to hit the road.  Final cost was $6923 Cdn ($5167 U.S)

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Excellent work ... and that is certainly a wonderful improvement on the T3.   :cool:
My old 84 California II was purchased a few years back for about the same money as your T3, but it is not improved or restored in any way. When your bike is insured and on the road, maybe you could take a scenic ride up to Creemore so that I can check it out.


Is that the T3 that Joe Sammut was selling?

Nice work!  We love to see it on one of the Ontario Guzzi Riders events.


Real nice job  :bow: :bow: :bow:

I like how you kept the T3 badges, the transformation is really impressive.


Really special!  Kudos  :bow:


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