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UK Sidlow Framed Endurance Racer

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That makes the exhaust plans for my Corsa Record look like a walk in the park...  Very cool.

Gotta ask about potential exhaust heat vs fuel/gas tank issues.  Will there be any heat shield, baffle, exhaust wrap, ?

Not an issue. The gas tank is miles away. There is not much choice if  I want equal length head pipes. The frame wants what it wants. My buddy Tom Hull loves making exhaust systems. 

Thatís a helluva friend! Looking great!

Nice job, very Turbo  :bow:

Slow going with life getting in the way but work has resumed. The back half of the frame was butchered by someone who should never have been allowed near a welder. Why you would weld crap seamed thick steel tube to lightweight T45 is beyond me.
We studied what pictures we had, took measurements, and my buddy Tom Hull is doing his magic.  The whole frame will be BS T45 steel tubing again. Some liberties are being taken as we do not have the original swingarm. The swing arm is a nice piece, don't know who built that.


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