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I rode my G5 for the first time today.  It was my first ride on a big block.  It was so different from the v50, although since I am breaking it in and put it all together myself and donít trust it yet I rode pretty slowly. First impressions:

Substantial torque reaction at rest. Not bad, just very noticeable.
Great sound from the LaFranconis. Probably my quietest bike.
Nice gearchange action. Very positive with the heel toe shifter
So easy to ride slow.  I can see why it would have been a great police bike back in the day.
I have to get used to the high brake pedal.  I had a hard time finding it.

I think Iím really going to like it.

Make sure your frame bolts are 60ftlbs and not just snugged up, makes a big difference in the torque reaction, no twisting. Same w/swingarm nuts.  I hope you see my point in no comparison to SB, like it's more gusto.

Congrats on your first ride, Ben! Glad to see you got the transmission issue resolved.

Congrats, Ben!

Thanks for the torque tips and nice words.  Iím working front to back checking all the fastener and tidying up wire routing etc.  Iíll give it a few weeks of easy riding to get to know it and then hammer some corners in VT.   Hereís a video of the bike idling:


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