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Inspected the engine parts more closely and was pleasantly surprised. The only thing that needs replacement is the cam followers, the rest of the engine looks as if it was recently rebuilt. I will clean out the crank and do a careful honing.
After vapor blasting it will be ready for reassembling.
Also got the 850T valve covers out.

Received new cam followers from HMB along with gaskets and seals. Heres a picture of new and old pitted ones.

The cam looked alright

Also received the oil cooler bracket from Charlie  :)
Thank You!

Have been much more busy in the garage than with the computer.

Got the engine apart and off to vapour blasting.
New seals in converter housing and transmission. New crown wheel seal ring in final gear.
Frame and assorted parts media blasted and of to the painters
Engine coming together, just waiting för the heads to come back from the shop after new seats and guides.



Very nice results. thank you for sharing,

Your vapour blasted engine looks fantastic!   :popcorn:


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