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--- Quote from: Canuck750 on February 05, 2022, 06:07:39 PM ---Wow, that s a lot of work, 'Dr. Converter' has some impressive skills!

--- End quote ---

After talking to him for a while and seeing his extensive shop with robot welders, etc I have confidence in his knowledge. Hopefully it will be ok.

It took some time but finally I got the converter back.
It was not cheap (approx 500$) but rather than getting a used one and not knowing the condition I chose to have this one fixed. Impressive workshop.
Today I dialed it in. More work than I expected but now it is within spec.
Also had to put in a Helicoil in the gearbox. Tomorrow I will unite the engine and gearbox and hopefully get it into the frame!

Lasse doing his thing

Some of the machines. That blue thing is the welder

Finally dialed in!

This converter has been fighting me in every step...
The other day I united the engine and gearbox only to realise that the engine would not turn anymore. Something was binding. Pulled the gearbox and converter housing apart, measured everything and came to the conclusion that the neck of the converter was approx 1 mm to tall. Had to rip everything apart and back to Dr Converter for the adjustment.

Today I dialed in the converter again, such an annoying labour, united the engine/gearbox and to my relief it did not bind anymore.
Got the frame on and started assembly, I decided to start with the plumbing of the converter. So got the trans oil tank and oil cooler mounted. (Thanks for the bracket Charlie;))

Antietam Classic Cycle:

Some progression. Got the plumbing of the convert and crank case ventilation done.

I foolishly assumed that the drive shaft would be the correct one, however when this Convert was converted :rolleyes: to manual gearbox, the PO got a UJ for a manual gearbox welded to the drive shaft. It was In perfect shape and I didnít realize the splines was different until I tried to mount itÖ
Luckily TLM had a used UJ/driveshaft in great shape. It arrived yesterday, so today I got new swing arm bearings and UJ bearing in and got the swing arm in place!

As Iíve said before. I love this stage of building. The bike is perfect at this stage. Soon the compromises will start to comeÖ


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