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Title: bloated 1200 Sport Fuel Filter
Post by: tpeever on June 10, 2015, 07:33:11 PM
Decided I'd better check the condition of the fuel filter in my'08 1200 Sport before my ride across the state next week. I have been putting off this chore for a while and glad that I did it. I wasn't sure if the plastic fuel filter issue had been addressed by the dealer prior to my purchase of the bike in 2010 so I figured I should find out for myself. This is what I found. Pretty scary looking and the plastic was very thin and flexible. Probably would not have lasted too much longer. What is interesting to me is that this bike has had ethanol-free fuel in the tank most of the time. Exceptions are the few short tours I have done on the bike where I have to use whatever supreme fuel is available. So I am wondering if the degradation of the plastic has more to do with just sitting in gasoline rather than due to ethanol. I fitted an all-metal UFI filter so should be good to go now!!