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Title: fun ride home from work yesterday
Post by: tonUPRacer on June 11, 2015, 09:14:29 AM
Thought I'd share a fun experience on the ride home from work yesterday. It was an exceptionally nice day for riding and I noticed there seemed to be more bikes on the road than usual. It was the typical thing some guys giving the "bro" wave, other's not. I honestly don't do either consistently. Anywho, I'm stopped at a red light and doing my usual scan and notice a Sons' of Anarchy or some such rider a few car lengths back rolling to a stop with those ape-hangers just about above the roofline of most of the cars. Light changes, and I briskly take off since I was first in line and had a nice clear stretch of road ahead. I eventually catch up to the next bunch of cars and we roll to another stoplight. As I'm waiting, out of nowhere comes SOA, he's grinning ear to ear and shouts "NICE". Mind you, he had to make some effort to go along on the shoulder to pass cars to come up along side me to pay me that compliment.

 I flip my visor up and give him the thumbs up for his flame-drenched HD (an old softail I believe) and shout "nice day". What happened next was quite fun to watch. The light turns and clearly he wants to show me what his bike can do. He starts accelerating hard and making about the most exaggerated shifts and throttle twists I've ever seen, the bike is wandering and swerving side to side, it's the damndest thing I've ever seen. I also take note his left wrist is all bandaged up and he is of course just wearing a leather vest, no shirt and pony tail flapping away.

All the while I'm just having fun following on my Lil' racer. He gets into cruise mode which is I guess about 60 and I really kindof needed to get home, and he seemed like the fun sort, so I thought I'd give him a show as well. I downshifted and gave him a high speed pass with my Arrow's singing that wonderful Italian opera. A few miles up the road alas another stoplight. This time it's a yellow light that I have to brake for with a bit of authority and I see my buddy coming up on my left hand side for left turn. I don't think he knows if he's going to roll through or attempt to bring that wonderful flamed Hog to a halt. He decides on rolling through as it turns red, and I could only hope my friend had safe ride home.