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Guzzi has Ewan, Indian has Mark --NGC

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Guzzi has been first at getting a Movie Star Spokesman and now Indian is following suit.

--- Quote ---We talk to Wahlberg about the ultimate motorcycle movie and his newest hobby: "riding the canyons on a Sunday morning when there's no traffic."
--- End quote ---

I think it's a good thing, more motorcycle riders more riders see the light and move to Guzzi.

I also like the Indian brand, my grandfather had one more than half a century ago.

Now why can't I get a gig like this, sure I'm a little old, bald and paunchy but I can look tough and scary given the right "soft focus" lense  ::(

Riding canyons?  OK, Scout.    ;)

  Apparently Polarindian is using Wahlberg to promote a line of Indian branded clothing . Sorry , that type of marketing always makes me indifferent to the product being marketed . Impossible to buy cool . Of course the campaign will probably be a huge success   ::) :D



Smart for the brands to hire guys like Ewan and Mark.

190 Octane:
I think its a good move, but I always think of this SNL skit when I see Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals
Say hello to your mother for me, okay?


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