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Tasmania - Motorcycling Mecca! - great little video

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Great 3 min video by MCN on my home state! Land of 100,000 Turns!

Come on down - I promise you won't regret it!


Thanks Taz, I was kind of hoping to see your Sport in the video. They gave the tassie roads a good rap  ;-T
Cheers Ron

Ha ha I wish.

I could place every road they showed - but there are still more that we locals like to haunt ;)

Next trip, Ron!

Can I retire there?

Sasquatch Jim:
  If my legs weren't so stove up I would move to Tasmania myself.
 I spent a week there when my ship stopped there in 87 or 88.  We were moored
 North of Launceston.  It would be hard to find a prettier place to live.


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