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tips drilling concrete pls

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Hey folks-

I bought a front tire cradle and have to mount it to the floor in my garage. I have limited space and would really like the ability to remove and stow the hardware when not in use. Is there such a thing as a threaded insert for concrete anchors?

I've never had much luck drilling concrete. Then again, I haven't used a hammer drill. Guess I could rent one. The holes are for 5/16 or 3/8 fasteners.  Any thoughts?

 Jonathon , yes , a hammer drill is necessary . Drill the hole slightly oversize and glue a conventional insert into the hole with either a high quality epoxy or surface bonding cement . Use water to lube and keep the hole clean as you are drilling .


Hilti "drop in" anchors.

If you cannot find them locally or they are cost prohibitive I'll send you what you need + the set tool. Cover shipping.

I am not a hammer drill expert, so I don't use one.  I have used masonry bits to drill limited numbers of small holes like what you need (wrong tool for the job and eats up the bit, but it should work for 4 holes).  Yes, there are several styles of threaded anchors designed for insertion in concrete/brick/cinderblock.  Ask the guy at tru-value what he'd use.

Another alternative is to use an air hammer to knock a larger hole in the floor and then bed in the anchors.

These would be my choice and a rented/borrowed hammer drill. 3/8 anchors would require 1/2 hole and these anchors should be available at any decent outlet maybe even home depot. Save the picture on the smart phone show it around somebody will have some those are the kind of thing I often had loose in my pocket


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