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Title: Convert Oil Cooler Grommets and Hoses
Post by: KJDub on January 10, 2022, 06:36:42 PM
Hi All, worked this past summer on getting my '76 Convert on the road. Pretty much successful, learned some things that may be of use to others. I found replacement grommets for mounting the oil cooler at NAPA, part number 726304. It's a tight fit, but shoot it with WD40 and use a screwdriver to get it in the hole in the cooler. A flat has to be cut in one portion of the grommet flange due to proximity to the cooler. Lube up the metal bush and press it in with a vice.
I also found Gates 5/16 transmission hose that is stiffer than the recommended hoses from This Old Tractor that I preferred.
Bike runs great but only pulls 90 mph in high. Compression and leak down are good, I suspect spark timing is the issue. Will find out after the snow melts.