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john fish:
There's an interesting game on called tag-o-rama.  Various states have them in the regional forums and the Scooter forum does an interesting variation.  Here's the rules, stolen and modified from ADV:


A player posts a Tag photo showing his/her bike (doesn't have to be a Guzzi) in front of a location that will be the tag. Player shall state what in the photo is to be tagged. Example - a Church, a Monument, a Sign. The tag should be something that can be found at other locations, it should not be a unique location that other players cannot find. The object is to ride and have fun, NOT to try and stump other players from finding a matching tag.

To grab a tag, another player must post a photo of his bike in front of a location as identified in the tag, i.e. a different Church or Monument or Sign.

The player who "grabs" the tag then gets to "drop" the next tag at a different location with a different specified tag.  For example, If I place the first tag at a mural, you will ride to a different mural and take a picture of your bike in front of it.  Then, you ride to a different "tag" of your own choosing, it could be anything from a sign to a church or post office or whatever (be creative) and take a photo of your bike in front of it and post that photo here (drop the tag).  Describe what in the photo is the actual tag.

HE WHO POSTS FIRST WINS. It does not matter who got to it first, He who posts first wins the tag.

If a player "grabs" a tag in good faith, it's good. Post the next tag, no need to ask it it's good.

File Photos may be not be used.  A file photo is any photo taken prior to the posting of the current tag.

The purpose of the game is to get out and ride so, get out and grab a tag!

Keep the game moving - if you make a Grab, post the next Tag so that play can continue.  While you are out riding, take some photos you can use as a Tag so you can post them after you make a grab.

I have no idea if this will work here or not or if it's just a stupid idea.  :)   Sometimes, it's fun to have a goal when you go for a ride.  Also, I like seeing photos of different bikes and places.  I'll start the game -

Large mural:

Edit:  locations might be nice, too.  That's in Buckhannon, WV.

pete roper:
This could be fun. :thumb: I think I'll go and find a mural, then I'll find a big Eastern Grey 'Roo roadkill. That should slow you yanquis down a bit! :evil:


john fish:
We need a "Report to Moderator who will then slap offender" button.   :laugh: :laugh:

Chuck in Indiana:
Ok, I'll play. I'll be out on the Mighty Scura today. Maybe I'll find a mural.

Chuck in Indiana:

How about a gym?


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