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bad Chad:
This is kind of fun,  if you haven't seen the commercial, great, watch this first, then the commercial.

then watch the final product...

Yeah that’s good, I don’t mind him at all. He seems kind of authentic and “real”.


--- Quote from: Vagrant on April 22, 2023, 11:35:11 AM ---Just a warning to those new to TPMS. My 2012 Goldwing had them and I think they were the same ones they used in the cars. They stuck way out from the rim and were very easy to snap off when changing the tire. My dealer knew that and still broke one. He paid but it was $180 plus he had to get a new computer program to program it. So, be careful when replacing tires just in case.

--- End quote ---
I have the MG OEM TPM sensors  mounted in the wheels of my 2022 V85tt Travel. I was shocked to see how much MG wants for one just in case I someday need a replacement. When I say shocked I mean just how inexpensive they are at $63.53 each. Go price the TPM sensors from Honda Triumph or BMW and you'll see what I mean.

I also had a Ducati SS S. Both engines felt similar- power, quick shifter, responsiveness.  But the Ducati SS is a much more sporty bike. Handle bars are much lower and less comfortable for a long ride. The V100 riding position is much more comfortable when I test rode several weeks ago. I would say the V100 riding position is more similar to a Ducati Diavel as comparison.

For any owners who now have a few miles on a new V100, what kind of range/mpg numbers are you seeing? 


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