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These 30mm risers will work. They do provide a small improvement


Tom H:
For the risers. I would suggest Rox or one of the knock offs.

Your real question was cable length. That I do not know. I would think that with the 1" your looking for, stock cables should work. You may need to re-route them? I'm sure you know, if you buy a Rox type 1", it's just 1" up or any angle to pointed back from the stock bar clamp. Back might be easier than up for the cables.

Hope this helps,


--- Quote from: Moparnut72 on March 18, 2023, 10:28:08 AM ---It seems when I start riding again in earnest each spring the bike doesn't fit me as well as I remember. I am going on my 3rd year with my V7lll Special. This year is the same as last year, "this bike could use a set of 1" risers with some setback." So saying that, I have a question, rather than tearing the bike apart to check I thought I would ask the experts here. I did a search and didn't find anything definitive. Will a set of 1" risers with some adjustable setback work with the existing clutch cable and brake line?

--- End quote ---

If you are very happy with the seat and footpeg position, this is my suggestion.  Put the bike upright, (chock, center stand, friend supporting it) sit on the bike with both feet on the pegs in the riding position.  Close your eyes and put your hands where you want the grips to be while another friend snaps a photo or have the video camera on a tripod.  Now you know your ideal set up.  Build some bats with you pipe Bender or use PVC to get the hand position right.  Then buy bars, cables, hoses, etc, and have the bike you truly will enjoy. 

I went the opposite with rearsets and LSL Clubman bars to emulate the V7 racer riding position.  I use my laverda adjustable bars to find the desired position.

And then found bars that came the closest. 

I recently replaced the clutch cable on my V7II . Very tight fit . If the part # is the same as a MkIII cable Itíll be fiddly at best .


Hereís a site that allows you to see how you can modify a lot of bikes to get to the desired riding posture. Hope it works for your particular bike.


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