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Moto Guzzi 1400 Tour Tire Change

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2017 California 1400 Tour REAR tire change

There are many threads discussing tire sizes.  I used a Bridgestone Battalax BT-020 200/60R-16 REAR.

I have a really small area and no room for a lift, so this Harbor Freight wheel chock works to stabilize the front-end before jacking the back side.


1.  Remove saddlebags.  I also removed the guards.  Remove the mufflers.
2.  With the front of the bike stabilized, jack the rear of the bike up, just enough to take the tension off of the rear wheel
3.  Remove left shock.  If yours has a reservoir, you'll have to remove one shock bolt and slide it away from the brake assembly.
4.  Tape top of left swingarm to prevent scratching it with the brake assembly.
5.  Remove 32mm axle NUT only.  Pull axle out just enough to slide the brake assembly up and out of the way.   
6.  Slide a cloth under the brake caliper assembly and use a couple of cable ties to tie that brake assembly out of the way.
7.  Slide axle a little further - just enough - and - remove the wheel spacer - then slide axle all the way back in.
8.  Get a rubber hammer n tap the wheel assembly lightly toward the nut (left) side until it separates and clears the hub.
9.  Remove axle, then raise jack until you can remove the rear wheel.

Ya might want to tape both sides of the wheel (to prevent scratches) in case it gets away from you during the removal process.

The splines on this one are dry.  No grease here.  The bike has 6,000-ish miles on it in 5 months, so maybe it didn't have time to get all stuck together.

I used a bit of Fluid Film spray to take care of the rust and then cleaned it all up and coated with Honda Moly 60 grease - but you can probably use any NGLI2 Lithium based moly grease.  hahahahaaaaa or anything else, for that matter.
 :grin: :grin: :grin:

Ya gotta remove a lot of stuff - but all in all, this went very smoothly.  All of the fasteners cooperated, and all of it came apart and went back together very easily.

P.S. Change the rear drive fluid while ya have it apart.

I might have pictures of the front tire change, if anyone wants to see them.  It's pretty straight forward.  You'll need this 14mm hex for the front wheel removal.  It's the one that I didn't have.   

The front got a Bridgestone Exedra G709. This is the galactic standard Gold Wing GL1800 front tire, and gives great service.

Thatís quite the detailed process Iím sure someone will find that useful.Good Job.

blu guzz:
When I had my 1400, I was pretty aggravated when the shop charged me $75 to mount the new tire.  That is, until I watched the young guy do it.  2 hours to remove, strip the old tire off, install the new and balance and remount.  And that rear wheel and tire were some kind of heavy.  I didn't mind paying after seeing that effort.  I just wished it was not so often.

Tom H:
Until I read the P.S. I was going to ask if you changed the rear end gear oil while you were in there.


Be mindful of the fasteners.  Moto Guzzi likes to use some unique fasteners.  These are muffler mounts.  Not something that you could get at the hardware store - if one gets lost.


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