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Moto Guzzi 1400 Tour Tire Change

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Nice detailed write up. I just changed the original tires at 3,900 miles on my 2015 California Custom, went with Avons. While I was at it changed the gearbox, FD, brake and clutch fluids as well. All ready for nice weather!

Great write up and pictures.  Itís so hard to get around to changing tires, but fun to do once I start.

The No-Mar tire changer sits inside the walkout basement.  The tires spend some time in the sunshine, on an asphalt driveway - before being introduced to Mr. tire changer..  Remember - a warm tire, is a happy tire.


Sometimes it's too cold outside, and so ya gotta get out "the box".  Add a $9.99 hair dryer.  You could use your wife's hair dryer, but I don't recommend it.  Set the tire up off of the work bench on some little wood blocks, and cover with the custom tire warming box.

A thermometer is handy, or you could just wait until the smell of burning rubber wafts itself up into the living room.    :boozing:

 You could also use a shop light with an incandescent bulb - it just takes longer, and you'll need a blanket.

Oh, and you're gonna need one of these.  She's pretty handy.


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