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Dave Moss tunes the suspension on a Griso

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Nice comments about the bike.


For those interested (data geeks) here is a spread sheet I keep this stuff in. Just added Dave Moss's setup for comparison.

**Settings for all compression and rebound is COUNTER CLOCKWISE from fully closed.            

                                      STOCK BD1   BD2  GG   Dave Moss
FORK Tubes (rings showing)    1   2   2   2   2
FORK Preload (rings showing)   4   4   5   4   5
FORK Compression (bottom)   1   1   .75   .25   2.25
FORK Rebound (top)                1.5   1.5   1   2.25   1.33
REAR Preload (threads showing)   12   15   15   15   17
REAR Compression (top)          .25   1   .75   .25   1
REAR Rebound (bottom)           17   30   25   40   21
I'm Running BD2 right now and like it very much, but will try out Dave Moss's settings. I found his front compression settings a bit odd, but with increased preload may even out.

The Griso can be an awkward fat girl or lithe athlete depending on suspension settings and tire pressures.

it's like christmas watching dave work on a griso!!!

why anyone would ride a griso with anything less than 6 rings showing on the forks is a mystery to me though!!!

also, the bit where Dave is literally on his knees counting all the settings he's just done for the guy, who decides it's a perfect moment to get out his phone and write a text and stop listening to him.  :huh:

I’ll admit that it’s an area I’m not all that conversant with. I have NEVER altered the settings on my Nitron shock that I fitted @ 90,000 km and now it has 210,000. I just seem to have all the fun on the bike that I’m ever likely to, without feeling the need to buggerise around with micro adjustments.
Same with the Ohlins on the V85, it seems to do all I want straight out of the box.
I’ve seen a LOT of guys trying to sell snake oil to wide eyed owners by “tuning” their suspensions.
I’ll readily admit that there was a time where if Valentino Rossi’s suspension technician was left alone with my MV Agusta and did NOTHING, I would have ridden off and convinced myself that it was better. Maybe this guy is all he appears to be, so that is absolutely fine with no hint of derision.
If VR himself took your bike out at Mugello and clocked a time, then after some “adjustments” went out and did 2 seconds better, you’d think it was great and no doubt cuddled up to the plastic wrapped photo of him on YOUR bike with the shredded tyres, that night… :wink:
I just think there is a large opportunity to tell guys what they want to hear and relieve them of cash for the privilege. If our guy tunes your suspension and watches you do some laps, he only has to tell you that you were 3 seconds faster and you’ll believe it, if you are prone to that kind of thing.
But like anything, if you feel better then it’s been worth the money.

What I found astonishing is that he never confirmed the tire  pressures. As a Griso owner since 2015 I can say with confidence that the front tire pressure is the most influential factor in the bikes front end behavior.  After that ,fork height above tree, sag or preload ,and the compression and rebound damping , in that order , are all well worth the trouble to fine tune. But on a Griso all will be in vane if the front tire is down on pressure even a pound or two. Maybe he did and it just wasn't shown? The complaint of heavy steering immediately made me want to check his front tire psi.


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