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1978 Ducati Refresh

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I started a very light refresh of my Ď78 Ducati 900. Iím hoping to get comfortable with it and take it up to VT and the Adirondacks for a solo getaway in early June. Today I stripped the bodywork, swapped the fork legs back to the original configuration of calipers in front, changed the fork oil and installed a new front tire (Conti Classic Attack).  Tomorrow Iíll install the rear tire and hopefully get started on carb rebuilds. Other than checking fasteners and balancing carbs, I have no plans to do anything else in the short run. I canít wait to get it running. Iíll post a first start video.

A thoroughbred, it looks fast and athletic just standing still.  :drool:     

Dave Swanson:
That looks like a fun project.  Someday I will tell you my tale of woe regarding my "almost" purchase of a 1978 900SS.   :cry:

That is beautiful. I would love to hear your riding impressions.

Rear tire is mounted. Conti Classic Attack radial. Iíve never used them.  Itís really hard to source two of the same vintage tires.  It went on pretty easily but seems like soft and pretty sticky rubber.  I think it wonít last long.  It was a very fiddly job getting the rear wheel back on. I put it down last night and picked it up again today. One of the four rear adjuster plates is about 1 mm thinner than the other three and has to go in the right position.  I took the opportunity to clean up the swingarm and adjusters etc.  Also the alternator wires into the regulator are shot. Iíll need to splice in new wire and spade terminals.

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