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New v85 rear drive leak

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Drain it dry. Put in 160 and not a drop more.

Guess what, I put it in to the dealer and waited to be disappointed , I was, piaggio and their dealer network are poor. Nobody told me that if I put our bikes in for a service 30 miles before the service interval that the service light would come on 30 miles after. The mechanic told me a whole load of bullshit about the rear drive on my wifeís bike has found itís level. A couple of years ago Iíd have kicked his ass but really canít be bothered. So after owning Guzziís and maintaining them for 40 years my opinion is do your own service and donít listen to the salesman about what they can do for you. I would have been better buying 2 off the discount shops on eBay. And we are still waiting for my wifeís luggage@month after ordering it.
I like the bike, my wife also but donít think Iíd buy another new bike again.


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