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? Silicone "Coating" in valve covers

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I was just going to ask if you were from IL. I used to see all kinds of stuff glued or what ever in the covers. Silicone and felt mostly. And the rivet, well, seen stuff like that before too. That was supposed to stop the ringing some would have or heard. Seen a half of stick of stick on wheel weights on top of the fins.

That is fossilized amber. Your Guzzi was built in the Pleistocene era. :cool:

Heard about folks finding indoor/outdoor carpet glued inside of valve covers in order to quiet the valve noise.
That's not noise that's music!

lucky phil:

--- Quote from: Chuck in Indiana on July 04, 2022, 12:50:44 PM ---I would say that is as good a guess as any. I believe the "Tips" book said a feminine napkin would quiet them down.  :rolleyes:

--- End quote ---

Didn't you have a rocker cover porosity issue at one point Chuck?


And, they make fantastic hand warmers in the cold weather!


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