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General Discussion / Re: Thread drift
« Last post by Guzzistajohn on Today at 04:54:01 PM »
In three days recreational Marihuana will be legal in my state. I think I'll make some brownies  :thumb:
General Discussion / Re: National Motorcycle Museum Anamosa - CLOSING
« Last post by AJ Huff on Today at 04:37:19 PM »
Location, location, location. It's a dumb location. It made sense when J&P Motorcycles was a destination shop. Two destination locations, twice the draw, extra income. Now J&P is just another Cycle Gear and everything is internet sales. Sad but foreseeable.

General Discussion / Re: Most Memorable Motorcycle Experience.
« Last post by guzziart on Today at 04:29:13 PM »
Two of my most memorable motorcycle experiences are:
- In late October 2003, I hopped on the Wing and left Tampa, Fla at 6am, proceeded to head north on !-77 towards home in Cleveland, Ohio, nineteen hours later I was home....crazy, what was I thinking.
- 2007 Minnesota Rally, Money Creek Campground had a once in a hunerd year flood...what an adventure, hope I never get caught in a situation like that again.  It was very memorable, mankind has not lost its humanity.

The rest of my mc experiences were fun/pleasant/enjoyabble/great and not to memorable even the wreck I had was not that memorable.

General Discussion / Re: Have you taken a guided moto tour ?
« Last post by Canuck750 on Today at 04:28:46 PM »
Never been a tour, just does not interest me with the exception of perhaps taking a tour of the Himalayans.

Now I have ridden with a couple guys who have shown me places I perhaps would have never found on my own.
General Discussion / Re: Thread drift
« Last post by Canuck750 on Today at 04:24:38 PM »
Drift? As per letting the current take you along with the flow.
Accepting that we all have such little control of our lives and enjoying the surprise that comes up around the corner is what I love about riding and touring.
General Discussion / Re: Thread drift
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 04:06:50 PM »
Now I know I’m getting old..
I had completely forgotten that I’d started this thread not so long ago. When I started “Drifting off”, I had no recollection of this one.
I only fell over it while using the search function…. :embarrassed:
Maybe they could be merged ?
General Discussion / Re: Most used tools
« Last post by Canuck750 on Today at 04:03:50 PM »
The one piece of equipment I judge to be the most useful and used is my Vapor blast cabinet, I use it most every day for general parts cleaning of all kinds of materials; aluminum, steel, cast iron, plastics, brass and on and on.
Not cheap and it takes up a fair amount of space but it’s worth it.
General Discussion / Re: National Motorcycle Museum Anamosa - CLOSING
« Last post by guzziart on Today at 03:53:26 PM »
I've been there twice in the last dozen years.  Anamosa, Iowa aint that far away from me (600mi).  Since they'll be open throughout the spring/summer I might make it a long weekend trip and tour it a last time.

General Discussion / Re: National Motorcycle Museum Anamosa - CLOSING
« Last post by Huzo on Today at 03:39:10 PM »
Things like this are always lamentable. Especially given that it was non profit, someone put in a lot of unpaid hours and labours of love that die, are usually the saddest of passings.
Just another lousy sign of the times…
Fast forward now 40 years, do you think the kids of 2063 will have a museum for iphones and old lap tops…?
The world is losing it’s taste.
Not as boring as you think. Without the Smokies, Tennessee would be no better.


Having ridden both states I would have to disagree, unless you want to alter that to say without east of the Tennessee River. 

Just look at a terrain view of each state in Google Maps.  I did enjoy most roads east of Anamosa, and made it a point to take little farm roads to the museum. 
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