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A dusty 1000SP

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Pendulum Percussion:
Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and kinda new with Guzzi's. I've had a Norge for a while, a LM 1000 project bike and a T5 even less time, but with all but the Norge gone, I've found what I hope to be a clean 1000SP NT locally for sale to keep for a while.

I'm no expert on these, the Australian compliance plate says June 1985, but I'm guessing its an earlier build as I'm pretty sure the round barrels were out by then. Maybe someone can chip in. And before you worry too much, I don't plan on making a cafe racer out of it. It's basically complete so I'm looking to restore it to original-ish condition.

It's sat since the late 90's, so it may take some work. In fact, I haven't picked it up yet as it's getting new keys, but I'll try and get some better photos once it's sitting at home. I imagine after that long it will need a thorough checking before even trying to start.

Jeeez mate, thatís a decent looking jigger..!
Can you take some more shots with perhaps a little less perspective ?

SP NT or new type looks like my 83.

Are you going to do a "pull it all apart and redo/restore everything" kind of jobs?   

I would be very tempted to just get it running and ride it as-is, but I'm lazy that way.   :grin:

Welcome! A lot of characters in this forum, but the vibe is friendly. The colour scheme and round heads make it look just like my '83 SP1000.  But take that opinion with a grain of salt, as mine did not come with the original upper/lower fairing nor the original instrument console. And this being my first Guzzi, I have even less experience with these bikes than you do. But I'm learning fast- I'm in the midst of a fairly extensive refurbishment thread - see Bernie's Budget Beast in the Bike Builds section.

Yours looks fairly stock except for the seat of course and the panniers/bags. I think I spot K & N style air filters too? .
Does the exhaust system come with it?

Would you please lift the gas cap door and take a pic of the grey cover that is just forward of the door?  I'm missing that part and I'd like a better idea of what I'm looking for.


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