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850T Project Cafe Bike

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Hope it's ok, I am going to post some pics of my cafe project.  I learned a lot by doing this work. Took me just over a year to finish. (Doing this from my phone so be patent)

Started with this

Powder coated the frame, swing arm, battery tray, center stand and fork clamps.

Pulled both cylinders to check the chrome lining. All was good. Notice the high dollar ring compressor.

 Bought a stainless steel nut and bolt kit. To get to one of the transmission cover nuts I had to remove the spedometer cable and I looked in the hole just in time to watch the washer fall in slow motion into the transmission.  I shamefully thought for a second "what could that really hurt" and then realized "that will hurt a whole lot worse later on" so I had to open the transmission. So I cleaned up the old dirty fluid grabbed the washer and put it back together.

Lots of cleaning, painting and polishing along the way.

Took the time to move some electronic items to the left side panel. I like how it turned out. Cleaned up a lot of the mess and easy to get to.

Like what I'm seeing so far. What's the plan for the rear brake ? I Did up a 850-T too. Keep the pics coming! :thumb:

Headers were in bad shape. Wrapped them and the H pipe. Less expensive then new and matched the color combo

Replaced footpegs with rear sets.

Brakes were just gross. And break fluid is a nasty paint distroyer. This is primer after sanding the ruined paint and cleaning with rubbing alcohol. 

And the seat.  I could not find exactly what I wanted so what the heck let's build our own the way we want it, can't be that hard right. I will never ever do this again, ever.  I posted this question on the site and got some great advice and it turned out well but my garage was (is still) a dusty mess, my wife absolutely did not appreciate the smell of epoxy and bondo in the house on multiple nights and I ruined a pair pants.  My amazing mother sewed the seat cover for me.


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