Author Topic: Final!! IL Rally, coming up fast!  (Read 1275 times)

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Re: Final!! IL Rally, coming up fast!
« Reply #30 on: May 23, 2022, 04:47:55 PM »
Yeah, well done by all. Where has the time gone?? At any rate it was great to sts with the denizens that don't normally go east of the Wabash. Sergio drove up from Florida, and Karl Werth was on 3 wheels, but still in the air.
Good times.. :thumb:
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Re: Final!! IL Rally, coming up fast!
« Reply #31 on: May 23, 2022, 08:10:45 PM »
Many thanks for the great hospitality and excellent camaraderie over all these years.This rally was one of the best I have attended,I hope our rally in Wisconsin canlive up to this one.

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