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Little Green Wing - Aermacchi Ala Verde

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--- Quote from: Frenchfrog on September 18, 2021, 06:25:20 AM ---Lucky man ! I love those machines but sadly nearly everyone that comes up for sale over here is well above a reasonable price. I'm going to follow this rebuild like all of you previous immaculate ones !

--- End quote ---

Thanks French, I would never be able to get a real Ala Verde so this is going to be ‘close enough’ and as close as I will ever get to throwing a leg over one of these beauties. Shame that Harley didn’t bring the Ala Verde over to North America.

Moto Italia from California came through again for me, a complete rear hub, brake plate and axle for the 1961 Aermacchi 250, for a 17 inch rim, just needs some cleaning up

a half hour of vapour blasting and stripping and more blasting, ready for polishing and then lacing the new spokes to the new rim Moto Italia provided

The threaded bearing retainer was a bugger to get out, lots of heat from the butane torch and using the right pin wrench helps, the nut had been bashed with a chisel in many spots before, I redrilled two holes 180 degrees apart for a snug fit to the pin wrench 4mm studs

pulled the blind bearings

I am in awe.  What more can I say.

The way you casually fix insurmountable problems (to me anyway) never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks Muzz, having the right tool for the job makes difficult jobs so much easier, I never knew there were so many uses for a simple pin wrench, indispensable for opening up shock absorber reservoir caps too.

I'm just putting my 68H back together before I start on my v50's. Nice little bikes!


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