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New blue V85tt

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We were able to retain the old ones, I thought 3m double sided tape would be needed but stock badges went back on and so far so good

So you hit em with a hair dryer and got your finger nails or thin plastic prying device under?

Blue is a complicated color-so many shades.

I didnt take them off, the auto body guy did. usually heat or dental floss works.

I initially wanted to go close to a tenni green but one day while on the way home from work a mini cooper countryman passed me and I really liked the shade of blue. Looked it up online, had paint guy make me a pint and away we went

Yeah I like it. Just a hint of green in the color. Ford has a color that jazzes me called Blue Candy (extra $$). Id call it electric blue-just a hint of green but lighter and brighter. Bright to the point where it might be too much, too grating. Some colors just don't work on bikes at least for me.

Im hypnotized by teal metallic cars from the 60s.

Really nice!!!! :grin:


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