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Sessantacinque GT rehab (V65 GT), frame crabbing, gear box, transmission

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The exhaust pipes are covered in rust and there was a hole that spit out soot all over the frame.  I welded the hole shut and that will do
it for now. 

I applied a rust removed gel to the pipes.  It took some rust off, but they still look bad.  I have read about blasting them and painting
them, but I don't think the usual black will look good on this bike.

The pipes donít fit snug with the silencers.  My other bike has a compression mesh gasket here, but the parts list (and other Guzzi models) donít
show anything like that.  I see there is something inside the silencer.  If I don't make this snug, the exhaust will keep corroding the pipe outer wall.
Has anyone had this problem?  Iíll check with other bike shops.

The clutch handle was patched together with rivets.  I got a new clutch body from Stein-Dinse and just used the handle.  I need to cut off
the grips to replace the whole clutch body... a good winter project, and I need to find new ones before I slice these off.
Unfortunately, the clutch cable is not original and the cable head doesnít fit in the lever. In fact, the old handle has been sliced to make the
cable fit.  I cannot find a replacement cable.  For now, I will try grinding down the head of the cable.

Chuck in Indiana:
First.. I've never seen this model.  :thumb: It's all standard old small block stuff though.

--- Quote --- I contemplate the difference between crabbing the frame and just carting away the top. 
--- End quote ---
IMHO, it's considerably easier to wheelbarrow the frame/front end assembly away, leaving the motive unit sitting on "the box."

--- Quote ---Keep track of the spacer washer on the left side of the swing arm.  It goes between the swing bearing and the swing arm.
--- End quote ---
Yours may have been assembled incorrectly. The spacer locates the swing arm, and is on the right side of the swing arm.
Reassemble like this:
Start the left locating screw into the swing arm. Slide the spacer between the swing arm and frame on the right side. Start the right side pin in so the swing arm is now located between the pins. Screw the left in until the swing arm is snug, but free to move. Tighten the jam nut. Then, screw in the right pin until it just pulls everything together, but the swing arm is still free to move. Tighten that jam nut. Easy peasey. No measuring.  :smiley:

Chuck in Indiana:

--- Quote ---I cannot find a replacement cable.  For now, I will try grinding down the head of the cable.
--- End quote ---
that is probably not a good idea.  :grin: Measure the length of the cable, and MG Cycle will have it, I imagine. About all Guzzi stuff is standard between models. Since this bike has been worked on by one of Pete's "shaved apes," make sure the cable in it is of the correct length, first.

--- Quote --- I need to cut off
the grips to replace the whole clutch body..
--- End quote ---
Generally, you can inject high pressure air under the end of the grip. It will balloon, and you can slide it off. Not so if it's been glued down, though.. :wink:

Thanks for reading, Chuck.
I read in Guzziology that this bike is a restyled V65.  Standard small block stuff, but longer forks and 18" wheels.  They made a 350 and 1000cc version:
I read elsewhere that these models were not exported to the US and was an effort by Guzzi in the late 80s to generate some cash.  Apparently it worked for my father,
who bought one in 1991 for 8,000,000 Lire.  I had it shipped to the US to continue the legacy.

I kind of agree with the wheel barrow method, now that I have done it.  Crabbing was my away of telling myself I could do this.  However, you have to have the space to set aside the top.

You are right about the swing arm spacer.  I wrote left, but it was on the right side (will edit).  I read your thread about this, so I won't mess it up.

About the clutch cable, I was on the phone with Rick from MG Cycle for at least half an hour.  He was extremely helpful, but in the end could not find a cable that fits.  I did grind down the head of the
cable without exposing the steel wire and got it to fit. 

Later on I had to order a new nut for the gear box (10054100) from Stein-Dinse (Harper wants $123).  So I also got a new clutch cable.

Thanks for the tip on the grips.  These grips are so old that they hardened.  We'll see how it goes.

While waiting for the gear box parts, I washed the engine with Simple Green.  I used the spray bottle without diluting and waited a few minutes before rinsing with water.
It took away all the grime and did not compromise the paint.
This engine really needs to be media blasted and possibly repainted.  It's not difficult to find shops that will do it.  My hangup is what paint and color to use, if any at all.
I would like to restore it to the original milky-gray color.  There is some corrosion on the fins, so I think leaving it bare will make it corrode even more.

I also found a mesh gasket for the exhaust pipes.  They are used on the V7, P/N:91113826.
MG Cycle carries it. on=1&keyword=91113826
They seem to fit snug, but the real test will be when I fire up the engine.


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