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NGC - Gilera 106 SS Project

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Well the only Guzzi content is this was a cheap bike for $300 as-is - It is I believe a 1968 Gilera 106SS as sold by Sears

turns over but two flat tires, bent swing arm, shock and seat frame plus a bent up front fender and oh the tank is rusted out to boot.

Shock upside down?

I have stripped it all down and sourced the few missing parts I need, foot pegs, replaced the shift lever, a better gas tank, replaced the damaged axles and chain adjusters, used swing arm and center stand new chrome rims and tires / tubs from Amazon via Vietnam (cheap!) Sourced gaskets, seals and engine case bearings, new cables, repo seat cover and muffler, control cables, rebuilt carb, rubber parts etc... Even found repro Sears tank emblems.

I rebuilt the wheels, stripped and repainted the spokes. new wheel bearings, new brake shoes,

All the sheet metal and frame now off to the powder coaters

Engine stripped down, cleaned, needs all new bearings (Quality Bearings OnLine), piston and cylinder Ok, valves good, needs clutch discs,

Clutch basked rusted to the ouput shaft, home made puller and a LOT of heat to free it, a lot of rust to clean off

Had all the fasteners replated, the engine all disassembled

Replacement gas tank repainted, original candy red paint found under the rotten knee pads

Badly bent up seat frame

Straightened up and powder coated awaiting the new cover

Spent a couple days getting the hammer tone silver paint off the engine cases and side case covers, will powder coat them silver hammer tone

Just at the beginning, much to do.....

Antietam Classic Cycle:

I am impressed. Makes me wish i fit on small bikes.

I received my new seat cover today from valtermotousa on Ebay, a new cover manufactured by the original supplier in Italy, a real nice seat cover for $79.00

The seat frame was straightened and powder coated flat black,

Simple to stretch it over the frame and bend the stainless steel tabs over the frame rails. the cover came with a new strap. just had to punch a couple holes and fit new washers and nuts

I am pretty happy with the cover, it fits great and is a big improvement over the original torn seat with missing fastening tabs

I tore down the original shock,

they have decent damping, the reservoirs are sealed so I won't try and open them up, I don't want to spend much on this bike so I am going to just clear powder coat the chrome bits,

Blasted up all the parts, powder coated the parts I could,

spray paint the bodies

DIY Eastwood Powder coat setup is my got to paint system

I etched the bare steel parts prior to painting

Getting the engine cases and covers ready for silver hammer-tone powder coat

I wiped down the engine cases / covers with acetone and a clean cotton rag. Then masked in the cylinder opening with high heat masking tape from Eastwood, fitted silicone plugs into the holes and fitted old bolts into the threaded openings, then hung the engine from the overhead crane.

I got a hold of silver hammer tone powder on Ebay and sprayed the powder on with my Eastwood electrostatic powder gun

I can just get the motor into my old wall oven, I made a shallow stand to keep the cases level in the oven

about to be placed into the oven for twenty minutes at 400 degrees F

After cooling down I refitted the head studs and dropped the cylinder and head on and replaced the painted case bolts with new fasteners

The paint on the shocks cured so I could reassemble them with a new set of rubber bushings

I made up a fork tube puller to get the fork tubes back through the clamps


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