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75/5 restoration evaluation

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So I recently acquired a 70 beemer along with a 77 convert.  After several hours looking at both bikes I decided to start with the beemer.  There is a lot less going on with that bike.

The "mechanic" that I picked up these bikes from, seemed to like to remove heads and bits, then push them into a corner...   the BMW suffered busted fins in his attempt to pull the jugs.  Pistons were ceased hard, but using Ozark engineering I managed to extract them

Rods look good journal bearings feel good and I don't see any rust inside the engine.  I think it's a solid candidate for restoration....

Very clever puller you came up with, I love DIY tools that the average Joe can make themselves! 👍

It’s easy for me to spend your money, but I think it’s an excellent project to do.  We had a sorta one owner 1970 R75/5  that ping-ponged back and forth between that original owner and 1-2 others at the shop as personal wealth ebbed and flowed for 20+ yrs.  Then it was sold outside of the circle and is now forever gone from our grasp...  At least it’s still local, parked next to a very, very nice V7 Sport.

That was a really great bike.  Hopefully your project will turn out well.

The plan as of right now, is to keep my OCD in check. clean repair and replace the top end and see if i can get the old girl running. If so then on to the niddley bits to make it rideable.  This bike came without a title so this project may end quickly if i can't get past this hurdle.  any advice here would be a help (PM me please).

The bike is showing 60K miles on the clock, and i think that it is accurate (just doesn't look like its been to 160K) so if i get it running. with the jugs off I didn't see anything ugly in the bottom end. rods feel tight, wrist pins are in spec. therefore i am inclined Not to crack into the cases. Due to the age and time sitting, I am worried about all the rubber seals, and im wondering if I should replace them now, or wait for evidence on need ?? 

my overall plan for this bike is to get it operational, every thing working, sell it, and use that money to invest in the convert.
nothing against the BMW, but the convert is what i went for, and i suspect the cost to restore it will be a bigger number than the BMW.

I like your plan :thumb:

If you need tips, this bloke offer lots


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