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Another Benelli Egg bike

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--- Quote from: Dave Swanson on December 17, 2023, 09:12:19 PM ---This bike is so cool!  Finding one in restorable shape is very rare indeed.  Fabulous

--- End quote ---

Thanks Dave!
You know I am a sucker for anything Italian, I keep being attracted to these small displacement bikes. When I saw the quality of the original paint I knew it was coming home with me.

A couple parts came in the mail, new fork seals (4) and a pair of reproduction dust caps, these Marzocchi forks are the same as on my 1972 Benelli 170 Enduro, they take 160 ml of fork oil.

Cleaned the headstock loose balls, fresh grease and fitted the triple clamps, the headlight brackets were polished along with the clip-ons

polished up the scratched fenders with a wool wheel in my 4" hand grinder, man do these FaceBook advertised polishing wheels do the job with a green wax stick, so much easier to hold the fender between my knees and move the polisher back and forth rather than holding the fender while I move it across a bench top polisher.

some pretty deep scrapes in the rear fender but its much better than it was, I think just a finishing polish will smarten them up for good

The chromed spring bands that wrap over the fork dust caps are in pretty bad shape, I need to find some reproductions.

I did order some new '250 Sport Special' side panel decals and a new gel battery that matched the size and look of the original and new 6v headlight and tail light bulbs from B&B Mechanica in Italy - they use the Ebay name 'Bebricambi' plenty of vintage Italian motorcycle parts, new and used on their Ebay store.

Time to move the 'project' to the lift bench before it gets any heavier to lift of the table.

I got most of the electrical redone over the past couple days, made a new wire harness with new wire from British Wiring and new open barrel crimps. I was lucky to source a new CEV ignition cut out switch. Waiting on lots of parts to arrive; rims, piston pin,  gaskets, head to come back from the machine shop, exhaust coming from Europe, seat from the local
Upholstery shop, new shock springs, speedometer … etc.

I am always pleasantly surprised what NOS parts continue to turn up, William Kuhen - Ebay seller 'Santo Di Motocieli' has listed some hard to find NOS Benelli, Motobi, Aermacchi etc parts over the years, I got this new in the box speedometer from him this week, fair price and suoer fast shipping.

I replaced the 125 Sport Special side cover decals with '250 Sport Special' reproductions to go along with the 250 motor I have fitted. the original chrome plating has polished up nicely, the condition of the original copper paint continues to impress me

B&B Mechanica in Italy provided a new headlight trim and reproduction battery along with the decals.

almost out of things to do while I wait on parts to come in, Buchanans's for new spoke nipples, Bennlei for exhaust and a piston pin, springs for the rear shocks, the seat to be recovered .....

I had new stainless steel shock springs made, after polishing they turned out great.

I received my new stainless steel spoke kits from Buchanan’s on Friday, built a pair of wheels today.

The original chrome plated steel Radeli rims are rusty and I don’t want to pay to have them rechromed. The aluminum rims I bought from the Jawa Shop in Czech Republic were cheap at $200 for the pair with shipping but the punched holes in the rims were too big for the original spokes nipples and too small for the new nipples Buchanan supplied. After speaking with Buchanan’s I was told to increase the rim holes to 7.5mm, they were about 7.35mm so it took a second to run the drill through each hole.

I covered the aluminum rims with masking tape as I hate scrapping rims assembly the spokes.

The spokes were made about 6mm too long so after I tried the wheels a due grinder was used to flush the spoke to the nipple.

The rims were probably punched for a bike with a larger hub as the spokes don’t fit all that great, they kink slightly at the nipple, it will work but I wish it were better. I could try and angle drill the hole in the rim but that could just weaken the whole wheel. You get what you pay for….

The RaceTech front suspension upgrade kits arrived this afternoon, cartridge emulators and new springs, should make a difference.


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