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DR. Skorpion, DR. Evil, or DR. Strangelove?

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So far the project is going well.  Not as glamorous or exotic (Huzo, that's exotic, not erotic, sorry Bro) as most of the projects here at WG, but hey, you work with what you have.  Both in terms of hardware and talent.

The DR engine mounts to the DR frame in 5 places.  The MZ engine mounts to the MZ frame in four places plus the swing arm pivot, which has enough clearance to not qualify as an engine mount IMO.

Right now, I plan to mount the DR engine to the MZ frame using all five of the DR engine mounts.  At a later date, for a more custom look I may abandon one engine mount underneath the front of the DR engine.

One more set of engine mounts to go which are 70% done already.  Just a bit more cutting and drilling.

Fitting the DR engine in the MZ frame is a much easier than fitting the MZ engine in the DR frame would be.

We are waiting for the finished product with anticipation  :cool:


--- Quote from: faffi on March 08, 2024, 12:21:48 AM ---We are waiting for the finished product with anticipation  :cool:

--- End quote ---

If you keep your expectations extremely low, I might not disappoint you.  No promises!!

Should look a lot better after I fit the Roo bars!  Still waiting on input from Huzo as to what is currently chic in Straya.

At this point, all the motor mounts are done and they all came out as good or better than expected.  At one point, I thought I could do this without any welding, but now I'm glad I abandoned that idea and decided to ask a very talented friend to do the welding.  When I told him, He just laughed and said "Without any welding!!"

It's good to swallow one's pride every now and then.  As Dirty Harry Callahan said "A man's got to know his limitations!"


If anyone is interested, in the interests of simplicity, I am going to post photos and comments here:


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