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My Lemans SE project thread - update 2024

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Here at Dave's home for wayward Guzzis I like projects.  But that may be a little over the top.  Lots a work, could make a cool bike out of it though.  Good luck and keep us posted on the project.

Chuck in Indiana:
What's not to like? Tank, triples, frame, engine and apparently spares are there. I've done worse airplane projects.. :evil: :smiley:

Did you get the transmission with the project? Looks like a great one to have in storage-to-be-worked on.

 I may have a few left over parts if u need something let me know.  Have a complete breva fork assy if that helps....

Got the original motor and the race motor, original se close ratio tranny a spare (maybe eldo?) forks, and a set of custom billet triple clamps. I need everything that goes between the tranny and the rear wheel ( besides the swing arm). I'm not sure what kind of rear differential would be the sturdiest. Also I'd like a front wheel and axel, 16" would be fine.  :grin:


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