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1967 V700 Corsa-Record

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This is so cool. Thanks for sharing.


--- Quote from: czakky82 on October 15, 2022, 08:56:39 AM ---This is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, man.  Glad you like what Iím doing.  A major purpose for this effort is to show the true beginning g of the Guzzi Vtwin sport bikes.  The V8 was an amazing machine,  but little if any of the overall machine translated directly into the eventual Vwin sport bikes that have made Moto Guzzi so iconic for the past 50 years.  The Record bikes did, even if they are not as illustrious and acclaimed.   

This new video is a quick overview of the details of the bike,  which I understand after years of obsessing but that others may not.    Building this bike while itís parked next to my V7 Sport, itís easy to see how obviously some details translate between the bikes and then to later Lemans which are still the design standard for both Guzziís regular and sport bikes.  When it comes to Moto Guzzi Vtwin sport bikes, it all began with the Record bikes.


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