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Guzzi 1100 custom build

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here it is finished...  just waiting on a small part to get it running, which is very frustrating!


--- Quote from: buzzer on November 29, 2022, 08:29:05 AM ---here it is finished...  just waiting on a small part to get it running, which is very frustrating!

--- End quote ---

Absolutely gorgeous.  :drool:

I cannot remember seeing any better ground up project, that was actually “ built”.
I love the absence of plastic.

Moto Guzzi Metallo…. :bow: :thumb:

thanks for the complements guys!

So its start-up time…  I had a good spark, but I wasn’t sure if it was on the right cylinder as I hadn’t made a note on the coils… so it was a 50% chance it would start…  It did!  It quickly settled to a nice tick over, but I had to shut it down as I am missing the “0” rings off the sensors and they leaked oil.  I have been waiting a week for them, bloody Royal Mail strikes!

With any fresh engine build I have a routine I stick to that has served me well over the years…  first thing I do is remove the oil switch and pump oil into the engine.  I use a plastic pump up bottle for this.  This primes all the oilways, fills the filter, fills the oil pump, and oozes out of all the bearings.  I prefer this to engine building paste, which I am not a fan of…  I do use a smear of it on the cams and followers though…

The other thing I do is screw in a pressure gauge.  I was pleased to see that it immediately shot up, which is always a relief.  This has saved me a couple of times in the past…  Once when the pressure relief valve in a new oil pump was stuck, and the gauge went off the scale…  the other time was my fault when I put an oil pickup pipe joint on wrong, and the joint itself covered the pipe hole…  started it up and initial pressure then nothing… that gauge is a lifesaver!

Beautiful head turner.  The exposed frame gives a sense of power.


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