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76 Convert restoration/refreshening.

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Saddlebags restored. These little bags were actually alot of work to get right. Thanks to Charlie, M. for helping me find the right latches.  I place a small piece of 3M clear protective film on the lids to protect them from getting scratched when latching.  The "devil " is in the details!   :laugh:


The Pacifico Pathfinder fairing prepped and painted. Tomorrow, I will block sand , and pinstripe it, along with a Guzzi eagle front and center. Everything will be covered with Urethane clearcoat.
Rick D.

Looking great!


The fairing, Finished, with pinstripes,and graphics applied,and clear coated on top." House of Kolor" ice pearls added to final coat of clear for a little custom sparkle in the sun!
Thank  you, for the kind words, Groover.
Rick Duarte


I spent a few hours yesterday hammering out a few small dings on my front fender, and then polishing it . I had two dents right above the hole in the side of the fender, where the brake line stay bolts. you can still see them if you zoom in, but they were way worse. I also minimized a ding at the front edge. I just used a small hammer, and a big box end  wrench in the vise , in different positions worked as a backing to hammer against. Its far from perfect, but much improved.
The polishing part is no problem, just finer grits of wet sandpaper starting with 120, finishing with 1500, then a little buffer wheel in my drill did the rest. I must say, last night, my wrists and shoulders were trashed! I think with the right tools, like a special anvil, and  picking hammer, and then a proper polishing motor/ wheels, I could have done better.
Overall, I am happy with the results, fit looks decent from a few feet away.


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