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76 Convert restoration/refreshening.

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Nice Connie!
I love the red.


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I took the opportunity to convert my rear wheel to tubeless, before mounting a new tire. Sikaflex 291 marine urethane used, after cleaning up the rim with a wire brush on the drill, and degreasing with brake cleaner spray. Tire much easire to balance without the innertube!

I have enjoyed this read very much. Very nice bike. Each bike is even better when there's a great story that comes along with it. BK

Thank you for the kind words, Bobby. The Convert project has been alot of fun. Even though I had to re do the rear wheel. I had a tiny leak at one of the spokes, so I am re sealing that. The front wheel sealed up 100%. No big deal, easy fix.  Its a good time to polish up the rear wheel and spoke nipples, as well as painting the rear brake caliper bracket, and a good cleaning/detailing of the swingarm, and pipes, etc.


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