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Eldorado wiring,


Just finishing my Eldorado, it's in the kitchen.  beautiful!! Anyway I did not take off the harness and installing a new one. I am having trouble understanding why the heavy cable to the starter is so long and how to route the wires to the back end of the bike ,all the wires through the little hole in the fender??. A grommet there? in the fender?  Wire routing pictures would be great Dash and headlight bucket pics too ,I am  trying to keep it very original. Thx Robin


this website might help. sorry i suck at wiring.
Grommet ? yes .

Hi Robin,

I'm doing my '72 Eldo.  I got a grommet at the local Tractor Supply to replace the failing one.  The wires for the TS & S/T lights route as described at Bender's site.  However, the wire hole at the taillight didn't have a grommet (on mine) and the hole is partially covered by the taillight bracket so, I haven't figured out what to do there yet.  Also, I'm trying to figure out how to route the battery cable to the starter too.....I should have taken more pics.

Good Luck,


Tom H:
Hopefully one of these images will help with the battery to starter. From my 850 and 750. The rear fender uses a grommet, can't remember if I drilled the hole bigger or not.

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