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Updating headlight


Hi all, Thanks for reading my post and hopefully offering some advise and guidance. I've recently purchased (fall 2016) a 1998 EV11. After having some work done in a local shop that was beyond my knowledge and abilities, I've had to wait for the winter to subside to be able to get out on it. In the meantime, I've done a lot of reading and that brings me to my topic. I don't expect to be riding much at night, but I've been told we all should do as much as we can to make ourselves "seen" by others, (too many texters and people making lefts)!
I wan to upgrade my headlight to something brighter than stock. I've read about LED, halogen and others. My confusion comes in about modifications. Can I just buy a new bulb (like an H4) and plug it in? If not, do any of them offer plug-n-play, or will any of the new higher brightness bulbs require modifications, new wiring etc.? I"m confused and would like to just plug in a new bulb, but I've been told if I don't do some modifications or add additional items, I take the risk of burning up my wiring and causing a major problem.
Can someone weigh in on this and let me know how to proceed and if anyone has a recommendation for the "best" way to proceed, with the "best" bulbs, I would really appreciate it. Remember, this is more for safety as I don't anticipate riding much at night.

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Antietam Classic Cycle:

Beautiful Bike
I thought Guzzi's of that era came with H4' lamp installed.
If It was me I would leave the headlamp alone and install some additional LED type lights
ADVMonster has some nice lights. Even Ebay

I know those are incandescent lamps they were cheap from WalMart with 35 watt lamps installed

+1 on installing aux LED lights to keep your headlight stock looking.


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