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1984 v65 c fork rebuild


I'm having some issues with my v65c forks.  I dissassembled them cleaned them installed new seals and dust caps, but I'm having problems getting the proper oil amounts for the damper.  The forks don't seem to have any damping affect after I put in 9 ml of oil in the damper.  This model comes with the pneumatic nylon caps with crossover pipe.  The only manual I have doesn't include the v65c so I'm going off fluid amounts for the v50c.  Can somebody help me with this?

Antietam Classic Cycle:
The dampers are considered sealed units and no fluid capacity specs are published because of that. Did you put the proper amount of ATF in the fork legs?

To drain and refill the damper cartridge itself, you'll need to remove the black plastic top (just threads out by turning counter-clockwise), remove the rubber bladder (carefully, so you don't puncture it), then turn the damper upside down over a measuring cup to see how much comes out. Normally, it's nowhere near enough and you'll have "dead" spots in the travel. It will take some experimentation to find the correct amount of oil to put back in. Push the damper rod the whole way in, pour fork oil (5w?) into the top where the bladder was and at the same time slowly pull the damper rod out to draw in the oil. Afterwards, you might be able to stick your finger down into the bladder recess to block the holes, then move the damper rod through it's travel. There should be no "dead" spots and any excess oil will be pushed out.

I put 70ml of atf in the fork legs as per the service manual.  The manual does specify 9ml in the dampers themselves but im not sure if my model was included in the manual.  It was the manual for the v65 on this old tractor. But I have a v65c.  I can try experimenting with more oil til I feel fluid resistance, I just didn't want to add too much and damage the dampers.  Worse comes to worse I can disassemble them and get the right feel before I reassemble them. 

Hi there Guzzi fan
As a fellow V65c owner you are going to find that we own the black sheep of the Guzzi world. There is little specific info for the 65c. I have owned mine since 89. It was pretty rough, but it was all I could afford at the time. I have never had the entire bike sorted out at one time. Especially the forks. Still I wouldn't sell it ever. I have the manuals for the sp model. Even Guzziology skims over this model. Hang in.



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