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My old 1000SP project returns

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Very interesting information on porting! I would like to learn a wee bit about that one day, the science is way above my pay grade! Great back story to this build, and thanks for sharing your race history.  :thumb:



--- Quote from: Rick4003 on September 14, 2021, 01:57:06 PM ---I am not sure how many would find it interesting (or how many people that actually drift over in this section of the forum) but I find that stuff very interesting.

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Sadly those that donít check out this side of the forum are missing the gold.  :wink:


--- Quote from: Canuck750 on September 18, 2021, 09:26:30 AM ---Sadly those that donít check out this side of the forum are missing the gold.  :wink:

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I fully agree on that  :laugh:

Hi Michael,

great writeup,
the issue with the set screws is known, as you suspected somebody overtightened the jam nuts.
guzzi's are easy to work on, and pretty tolerant to mechanical abuse , they will run whatever you do to them.
so every on used guzzi i had  i end up discovering loads of interesting bodges from the previous owners...

Michael Moore:
I've gotten a lot of new parts and Guzzi tools in, but I'm still waiting on a few critical engine parts to show up.  I've done a quick "get the bulk of the grime off" cleaning of the crankcase and have been doing my usual preassembly fettling.  There are spots where the 46K mile aluminum picked up some gouges that left sticky-outy bits, and other spots where there's a bit of casting/machining flash that I'll remove.  It is easy to find the parts to work on with the file/scraper/small rotary burr, just rub your hand across the part and where blood is left behind you know there's something that needs to be dealt with.   :grin:

New parts aren't immune from this inspection/fettling, the new main bearings are nicely machined but weren't completely deburred afterwards.

To pass the time I scanned the crankcase, due to the line of sight limitations of the scanner even with 250 scans there are still a few holes where the scanner couldn't get a look at the case:

The thumbnail photos aren't the full area so be sure to click on them for the larger version.

Slow progress, but progress none the less.



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