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--- Quote from: Bulldog9 on October 17, 2021, 02:32:41 PM ---I found mostly the same, though the trans and rear dif oils were dirtier than I would have liked. Seems the Griso and 1200S as well as the Norge were almost new when drained.  Make sure you clean out the filter in the transmission oil and don't overfill the rear diff.

I've had the covers off 4X now, and no issues with the original gasket so far, but I schmear a super thin coat of Curil T before re-assembly.  I've also run the valves at .10 /.15 and .15/.20 mm, and prefer the sound and performance of the .10/.15. Also makes it easier to remember because that is the same as I run the Griso and 1200 S.

Need to lift the rear tire and put in 6th gear to spin the motor to get to TDC. Easy to do with the plugs out.

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All done. Looks like the rear end had some moly from the factory Tiny bit loose on the valve lash is where set it..The trans filter is cleared.

Owning a couple of big block guzzi's preps you pretty well for these simple things.. Fuel filter is next, and same plastic fitting as the Breva. Snapped that one off first time.. I have a retro aluminum if that happens again..   

Awesome to see a string about a Stornello.  Pretty lonely out there in a world of Triumph scramblers ! 

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--- Quote from: photorich65 on October 18, 2021, 01:43:06 PM ---Awesome to see a string about a Stornello.  Pretty lonely out there in a world of Triumph scramblers ! 

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Bought my 1100 Breva close to Kirkland  . Stayed at my friends house their.. Lot of nice Guzzi's in Seattle :cool:

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More pics of the Luggage. The C-bow bags look big in the pics but the Roysters are quite small.. The Tank bag is a prefect fit too..

Cleaned the forks out, and mixed up a bit of Maxima fork oil.. Really helped, so I went ahead, and ordered some Ikon rear shocks..
I also have some Conti attack 3 coming this week. Should smooth out the ride even more over the stock tires..

Looks great! RA3's are reported to be fantastic on the V7. I've heard nothing but good about them.


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