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Brand X:
Thanks for the nice comments..

The C-box mounts allow me to make the luggage a bit more versatile. Same with the Givi Tanklock system I am not going to change the XS319 3L any time soon. It fits in the Royster bag real well for carrying in places..   Main thing the C-bow mounts allow, is to change the side bag to a Pelican clone style The extra bag mount came with the last order. was about $60 for that, and a $50 clone box (on-sale) changes up things in carrying different things.. Should be about done, Unless the ft end needs more work to suit me.. Just going to try the tires, and rear shocks first.This bike has responded Pretty much like I thought it would to upgrades. Of course could be shooting myself in the foot right now.. :grin:

Brand X:
Tires are mounted ,and the pelican style case showed up.. It's my default luggage option, but with manyy different combinations available.The side C-bow mount allows for that.. I even used a side bag for a tail bag, and it a good way to go too..



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