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--- Quote from: Brand X on October 06, 2021, 03:34:06 AM ---Thanks,
Does anybody know if Guzzidiag will reset the service Icon when it shows up? I ran  the software with my Breva just fine, and kept all the cables.. I read where it works, but was wondering if there is anything up with Guzzidiag and the 2016 bikes?

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You don't need Guzzi Diag to reset the service light; there's a method outlined in either the owner's manual or shop manual (I forget currently).

Very nice!

I reset mine per instructions in the owners manual I believe , nice bike enjoy , I have 19,000 miles on mine it’s been rock solid.

Brand X:

--- Quote from: BRG-BIRD on October 06, 2021, 07:25:05 AM ---Very nice!

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not really a service light. says it comes up in the left dash lcd for 5 seconds, and then turns off. no info in the manual on resetting it other then take to a service center.. Not like the code you can add in certain Aprilia, and some Moto Guzz's I believe this is different then the standard unit with it's traction control setup/different software.  Must be in the shop manual, because no help in the owners manual.

I know the Engine oil type, and weight, but what about the rear shaft drive, and the trans. Typical Guzzi in info, and type.  I should probably get a shop manual and see if there is any better info on things..

Brand X:
found it in the service Manual  The trans fill is like the Breva in amount so got that one, and figured the rear gear oil out too..

 reset Service proceed as follows:
• Hold down the key (A).
• Turn the ignition key to "ON".
• Wait for the Key OFF.
The next time the vehicle is started, the value will
be reset and the word "MAInt" will not be displayed
until the next mileage for which maintenance is


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