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Moto Guzzi - the next 100 years

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tumuli stump jumper:

bad Chad:
Pretty cool.  Very well done video, I hope the future is as well done!

steven c:
 I guess they are planning to sell a lot of bikes ....


--- Quote from: steven c on October 12, 2021, 05:53:00 PM --- I guess they are planning to sell a lot of bikes ....

--- End quote ---

Never have and never will.  That is beside the point

I think itís a nice video in as much as Piaggio has after more than 15 years finally figured out that Guzzi has tremendous potential in being what it is, not trying to be something else.  Thatís huge progress, compared to the attitude after they bought Aprilia to eliminate their scooter competition and inherited an annoyingly historic and intractable brand that didnít fit the inward looking Piaggio world view of the time.

Whether all the grand visions and glamour actually comes to fruition is another thing, but maybe it will.


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