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Moto Guzzi - the next 100 years

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Cool! A Guzzi Disneyland! 

Guzziland? Guzzeria?  Cittŗ Guzzi!

The old world atmosphere and unassuming persona that Guzzi project, is part of itís intrinsic charm.
The offerings that we have had to choose from Ďtill now, have not attempted to compete with the current crop on the market.
If you donít compete, you donít have to win...
With the advent of the V100 and possible future iterations, in addition to the  new complex on the books, Guzzi are figuratively climbing into bed with the likes of Ducati, Aprillia and the performance twins of todayís biking landscape.
Iíll admit that Guzzi can do glamour and MV Agusta esque style beauty when they set out to do so.
An in house designed Guzzi prototype can hold  itís head high in any company, they do have something that the others lack, but once you turn up to BMWís and Ducatiís pool, youíd better be able to swim, because your feet wonít touch the bottom.
The new complex will have a lot that the old one lacked, but Guzzi will lose individuality and that cannot be bought (or brought), back... :popcorn: :popcorn:

Well said Huzo.  Moto Guzzi is facing the same problem that Harley Davidson has faced for decades.  Also BMW to a lesser degree.

How to improve upon an existing design, yet not change so much that one's mechanical identity is abandoned?

Failure to improve enough/get modern enough means the younger generation won't buy, too much change and the older riders won't buy either.

It is always interesting to see individuals or organizations try to walk that fine line.

Damn, I miss rotary telephones.....


--- Quote from: SIR REAL ED on October 14, 2021, 06:22:01 AM ---Damn, I miss rotary telephones.....

--- End quote ---
Yep, along with rotary engines, rotary clothes lines and rotary hoes.


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