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I am 66 and overall doing well except for my hands. A few years ago had an overall physical condition evaluation done all was very good but my hand strength was well below where it should have been. My hand joints are really starting to be a long distance riding issue. The rest of my body is doing quite well overall for riding. The Norge has heated grips which helps quite a bit. Even in warm to hot weather I keep the grips on low heat. The use of Meloxicam helps. Other thoughts out there?

John A:
Hands! They sure are handy. The joint at the base of my left thumb wouldn’t stay together. I went to the VA and found they had a really talented Hand Lady, retired now. She told me I had two options: surgery or try exercise. After talking to a few different surgeons, I opted for the exercise which has worked well. I wish the other joints would respond as quickly.

I find that fat grips, or “grip puppy” type foam grips over the stock grips, reduces my hand aches.

The cruise control on the V85 is a huge help.

I laughed at cruise control on motorcycles until I tried it.  Pretty much required equipment now.

I had some lower back issue with my sacroilliac joint getting "locked" Went to the Dr who also motorcycles and looked at the x-ray and right away saw it, he then referred me to a chiropractor, who also is a motorcyclist and he worked on it along with doing some exercises along with advil or magnesium before riding.

I turn 53 tomorrow and I notice my hands are sometimes sore in the morning but the pain goes away on its own. I have heard grip puppies, like the old grab on grips work pretty good,


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